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Why Online Exam

Total Assessment Solution

Assessment is an integral part of education. The expeditionof education starts with a question and questions follow us throughout our life. “What we don’t know”, is the direction and the questions arise in our mind by observing, experiencing and thinkinglead us the world of knowledge and wisdom. We assess pupils at four different stages during the teaching – learning process.

1. Assessment for Learning: It is very important to know what I know about what I want to know. Knowledge flows from known to unknown. This assessment helps us to ensure that students have some basic prerequisite knowledge about the topic they are to learn. Most of the time teachers use this assessment very casually by asking a few questions orally about the basic knowledge of the new content they want to teach and most of time teacher him/herself answers the questions to contentthem that they are practicing the best possible pedagogies.
2. Assessment as Learning: Academic assignments, projects, practical experiments and some types of problems are the tools of assessment as well as they provide plentiful opportunities for learning. This method is also known as learning by exploration and here, self-learning remains the focus of centre.
3. Assessment in Learning: The assessment during the process of learning helps teacher to identify any misunderstanding or ignored content of their syllabus. Most of the time, teachers use this tool as students’ classwork and homework assignment. As we know, students complete this task as mechanical process and so do the teachers, as notebook checking.
4. Assessment of Learning: This can be described as a form of summative exam or we may call it as achievement test also. The result of this assessment reflects in students’ final report cards in the form of either Grades or percentage.
At ‘’, one can find all types of above mentioned assessment tools in the best of its spirit. It helps students for self-evaluation, helps educators in designing and implementing appropriate teaching-learning strategies and helps management of academic institute or parents to track the students’ academic progress on regular basis with micro analysis of the skills they have developed.